As of now, many students are stressed due to many deadlines and tests, Many are stuck thinking about their aspirations and their lives in the future. They wonder about their accomplishments and work that they had done throughout their lives. Never satisfied, or even tired of the many expectations that confront them. Some wonder about their things they never achieved, stuck in the past, leaving them with a taste of dissatisfaction. All will miss their youth and carefree lifestyle that the student life brings.

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For the last to weeks i had been participating in a thing called brawl. The point of the brawl is to, debate on different questions from the book “Quiet on the Western Front” What I learned in the brawl is that people really do have different perspectives and interpretations on the book itself. Read More

Reflection about the blog life ><

Hello ^^, its been awhile since my last blog. I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging for the past few months. Family and other things came up. However, I am back, fresher than ever to start blogging a little bit. First of all, I want to share the many experiences and ideas that my blog gave birth to.

One of the new things that i have been trying  was to go to the gym everyday of the week. The first time I started lifting weights, I instantly fell in love with it. The love of the gym led to many inspirational blog posts. Pouring many things i said to myself in the gym, i had typed and posted here. I wanted to send out a message to fellow “gym rats.”  I also wanted to send another way of thinking, a positive one, a different perspective. One that people may see so they can feel the way a person feels with the grind of the gym or just life in general. Long story short, I go to the gym way more than I did a few months ago.

Blogs like my “Today is Yesterday’s” tomorrow, “Can a person’s happiness be decided by fate?“, and “Work Hard, Play Hard” have changed my hard drastically. It boosted my self esteem and made me feel really happy. It made me feel like people had appreciated what I had to say. The reason why these blog pots worked and got so much attention was because I wrote about what I talk to people in irl. It was just comfortable and really relaxing just to chill and type out our feelings and what’s in your mind.

I really need to write about more relatable topics so i can please all y’all. Thats all i think i should change about this blog, but that’s till next time.

Advice to any new blogger or gym newbie ^^


Analysis on Two Versions of “See You Again”: Charlie Puth v. Wiz Khalifa

Rap music doesn’t always have to be rapidly moving and fast paced. Rap is a type of music that people can pour their feelings unto. Just like Ludacris’ new hit single Good Lovin. Ludacris’ vocals match smoothly with Miguel’s vocals to create a more powerful message to us listeners. We can feel the discontent and tiredness to find a person to love, while on “See you again” we can feel the mourning of the friend and great love that the two shared. Here we see, rappers with a tough image, coming out of their shell and portraying emotion and feel like they haven’t done before. Piano and vocals like in these two songs, have been popular these days. The powerful message inscribed in these songs impact others. The poetic vibe from rap, and the strong vocals make these songs really enjoyable. This blog really helps understand the song on a personal level. Don’t forget to leave them a like. Sole out XD

Track And Show Japan 2015 Coverage…Part 1 of 3…

Wish I was here q.q

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Never has there been a more appropriate name for an event in all the world… The Japanese “Track And Show” event is literally just that, a track event that is also paired with a car show featuring the same cars. The “Track” portion of it isn’t like a crazy insane time attack competition or anything, it merely gives enthusiasts an opportunity to get out on the track to run their cars. The weather was pretty cold and damp that day so maybe it was better that these guys take a light-hearted approach to the whole racing side of it instead of attempting to run record-breaking times. Events like this are cool in that they allow a bigger variety of cars to get out on the track that wouldn’t otherwise be considered competitive in a real circuit race. The guys that do race often get some practice in and show car…

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Good Lovin

The song good lovin by Ludacris ft. Miguel, represents the way Ludacris feels about love and his past lovers. Ludacris being a huge success, selling 10 mil in the U.S. alone brought him a lot of fame. For almost 10 years, Ludacris traveled never settling down, being unable to love someone. Ludacris dwells on his past, feels like he needs a lover who could help him to get pass through things in Ludacris’ head.

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An Empty Canvas

There was once a painter. He was an amazing painter, one of the finest in the country. The problem is, that he never got to taste fame outside of his poor country. He had great aspirations, dreams , and hopes of an escape of the little world he lived in. The one obstacle that stood in his way, was his old age. The feeling of death and the thought of being forgotten, hunted him. He decided to conceive a great piece of art. One that stood above all others. The one painting to sure get him famous. He searched around the globe looking for great paints and colors around the world, the right brushes, and the most beautiful canvas ever made. The only thing to do now, was to assemble his great masterpiece.


The man slowly examined the canvas, provided it with care it deserved, He bragged and told everyone about his finding. Meanwhile another famous artist made his global debut. This infuriated the painter, he wanted to be famous. He kept on about his canvas, while others ridiculed him about his canvas. This angered the painter,so he decided to actually paint on it. He tried to make it as beautiful as he could. However, the thought of ruining the canvas shattered him, so he took it out none other than on the canvas. His frustration and lost aspirations drove him to destroy the one thing he cared about, all for glory and other people’s approval.

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Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow


We all want to get fit and eat better right. The hassle to go to the gym, and come into a room full of B.O, and muscular men doesn’t sound very inviting. Also, a 1300 calorie daily intake, also doesn’t sound very filling. By now, most people give up hope, to endlessly scroll through their twitter feeds. Envying. Looking at hot muscular fit people, eating as much as they like. Without a fear of consequence. Blasphemy, you say. Hypocrisy, I say.

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Fisticuffs Throughout History

Boxing is a great sport, where men fight with their fists to prove who is stronger. The thrill of winning, the honor to come into the ring with your weapons ready to fire. The joy of showing the world that all your training and hard work has paid off. The show were men show their speed and endurance, and risk their personal health for a price greater than any other. A standing ovation. That is the sport of Boxing.

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